Global Water News

Colorado River Basin

” IT IS A COMMUNITY that’s inextricably linked to one another. It starts in Cheyenne, Wyoming, finds its way to the Front Range and the Platte user community in Colorado, winds its way to the Wasatch Front in Utah, goes over to the east to the Rio [Grande] community in New Mexico, winds its way across the Arizona desert, to the inland cities of Arizona, and then when it touches California, it doesn’t stop in southern California. The interconnection permeates all the way up to the Bay Delta. We’ve all become interconnected by users that share resources in various directions. So what happens in one area affects another area. And it affects it with great magnitude.”

–Pat Mulroy

In 2012, the drought-stricken Western United States will ship more than 50 billion gallons of water to China. This water will leave the country embedded in alfalfa—most of it grown in California—and is destined to feed Chinese cows. The strange situation illustrates what is wrong about how we think, or rather don’t think, about water policy in the U.S.” 

— Peter Culp and Robert Glennon, the Wall Street Journal


Asia’s Water Wars:


The Murray -Darling River Basin:


The Nile River Basin:


The Amazon Rive Basin:


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